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Jewellery has always held a very special place in our hearts. It is usually gifted, inherited, passed down, or bought with our first earnings – each piece connected to a story, a person, a special occasion ….

At Sonali B, we believe that the style fades but the charm is eternal. So, we have put together a collection of classic designs that won’t go out of style, simple yet elegant jewellery that tends to endure the years, and pieces that will pass down generations and will still be as special!

Jewellery that is as trendy as it is classy, can be flaunted effortlessly by the daughter for an evening out or can be paired with the mother’s favorite chiffon saree for dinner…it is ageless!

Signature Pieces to Treasure

In a world that is constantly changing, jewellery designs are no exception. With trends changing every day and designs going out of fashion quickly, it has become important to invest in trendy jewellery that stands the test of time.

Select jewellery that is in vogue but more importantly, that speaks to you, jewellery that makes you feel comfortable and confident – be it the big hoops, the statement necklace, or a tennis bracelet, whatever resonates with you. Our collection ranges from classic jewellery pieces to statement designs that offer unparalleled options that never go out of style, something for all.

When selecting jewellery, I look for versatility – can the jewellery be worn for different occasions, styled with my jeans, dresses, or my Indian outfits? Consider this to get a lot more wear of the pieces you invest in.

Mix and match your pieces, metals, and colors to create a fun look. Don’t hesitate to pair an emerald classic ring, with your statement gold hoops or your statement choker, with classic pearl earrings

Our Diamond Delights collection is not to miss when it comes to choosing a modern yet timeless piece. The delicate craftsmanship and artistry of our designs are a testament to our passion and skills with which each piece has been curated. Our collection of freshwater pearls is a delicately crafted collection that can never go out of trend.

Iconic Jewellery for Iconic You

In your quest to select the most tasteful jewellery, we look forward to being the brand of choice. Sonali B’s jewellery is a blend of both contemporary and traditional ensuring that our jewellery appeals to all ages making it evergreen.

This festive season, gift your loved one or pamper yourself with one of our exquisitely crafted jewellery pieces that will bring joy and add color to the festivities

Our collection features an array of stunning jewels. From the iconic pearl chokers to the Lakshmi bangles dipped in gold, Striking Piruzeh earrings, bracelets, and much more. Choose your “precious” piece today that you will cherish forever!


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