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Welcome to Sonali B’s exquisite world of fashion jewellery!

Join us on a journey through the hottest jewellery trends for the season, and discover the perfect pieces to elevate your fashion game.

Embracing Diversity in Design

In the world of fashion and personal expression, jewellery has consistently taken the spotlight. From delicate patterns to exquisite diamonds, jewellery has conveyed both style and status for generations. Yet, in recent times, a new trend has emerged, one that embraces vibrancy and modernity. Modern colourful jewellery is redefining established conventions, infusing an exciting blend of individuality, imagination, and energy into the realm of accessorising.

Our collection comprises beautiful pieces that are eclectic and modern -necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, each designed to elevate your style with a burst of colour and dazzling sparkle.

Jewellery stands as a reflection of the art of self-expression, with vivid shades, detailed designs, and individualised narratives.. Dive into the realm of contemporary colourful jewellery, where it’s not only about the materials and hues; it’s about embracing your distinct identity and presenting it to the world in the most captivating manner imaginable! So, whether it is the allure of sapphire or the richness of emerald that captivates you, allow your jewellery to narrate your story through the language of colour.

The Enchanting World of Nature-Inspired Jewellery

Nature-inspired jewellery is a captivating blend of craftsmanship and the mystical world of the outdoors. Designed to mirror the intricate patterns found in leaves, blossoms, bees, and landscapes, these creations encapsulate the very essence of nature’s marvels. From delicate petals to elaborate vine-like patterns, every piece serves as a tribute to the grace and intricacy of the world surrounding us.

Be it the soothing aquamarines reminiscent of the ocean’s warm citrines that mirror the sun’s glow, or the Green emerald that reminds us of lush forests. We have tried to capture it all.

Each item not only adorns you but also carries with it a fragment of nature’s magnificence—a constant reminder of the splendours both within our grasp and beyond our reach. No rules. Just joyful surprises!

Timeless Pearls with a Modern Twist

Amidst the ebb and flow of fashion trends, one gem stands strong, a timeless treasure that defies the shifting currents—the pearl!

From Audrey Hepburn & Coco Chanel sporting the classic pearl strand to Lady Diana’s classic Sapphire choker strung in a string of pearls – you just cannot go wrong with pearls – perfect to compliment the casual and formal look.

Picture asymmetrical earrings and our signature Dolce shoulder dusters—innovative interpretations that seamlessly blend the classic with the modern.

Layering Love

Mastering the art of stacking jewellery is similar to painting.
Embrace the chance to reflect your style, personality, and mood through your unique selection of pieces.

Enhance your look by stacking and layering bracelets and necklaces -delicate and dainty, bold and eclectic, the options are boundless. With each layer, one introduces depth and dimension, weaving a visual symphony celebrating colours, textures, and shapes.


With Sonali B collection of bespoke jewellery, the possibilities are endless. Hope you will enjoy exploring these as much as we did.

These pieces are perfect for weddings, cocktails, an evening out, or even add some colour to your day at work.

Happy accessorising!

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